Lunes, Nobyembre 21, 2011

Filipino Values

My own perspective on Filipino Values is quite similar to the Values and Ideal Social Life to w/c Filipino Aspire by Encarnacion Alzona. Here are the components:

1. Coutesy - Filipinos are a very friendly and hospitable people, sometimes even to a fault. Take the time to smile and say "thank you", and you'll receive much better responses. You will receive an even better response if you throw in a little Tagalog, such as "salamat", which means "thank you".

2. Manliness - We stand to what we know is true and correct.

3. Dignity - we very much value our dignity as Filipinos. We would always want others to see us as good and trust-worthy citizens.

4. Prudence - We protect our reputations as Filipinos, specially family reputations to such gossips and wrong comments about us.

5. Honesty - Filipinos are very Honest to their word. Pag sinabing 'oo', oo talaga yun.

6. Tolerance - most Filipinos are very tolerant to others. Mapagtiis ang mga Filipino, hangga't mapagbibigyan pa, pagbibigyan yan..

7. Belief and Relevance to God and Super-Natural Beings - Filipinos are very Religious. The Philippines have so many religious organizations.

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